CRYPTOCURRENCY TO CRYPTOCURRENCY EXCHANGE SHAPESHIFT RELEASES APP FOR IOS / P. H. Madore / 09/06/2015, the much buzzed about cryptocurrency-to-cryptocurrency exchange founded by early Bitcoin adopter Erik Vorhees, has released an app into the Apple’s app store. The ShapeShift app will allow users to seamlessly transact in multiple cryptocurrencies.

In a phone interview with CCN, Vorhees said that a simple use case might be someone that wants to pay a debt to a friend with Dogecoin, but that friend doesn’t want to use Dogecoin, they want some other coin, most likely Bitcoin. The friend can use the ShapeShfit app to transmit the Dogecoin into Bitcoin, and then pay the friend in Bitcoin. Thus merchants who mostly use mobile devices for Bitcoin acceptance will now be able to accept a variety of cryptocurrencies with very little effort or risk.