Cryptoforum Russia 2016 Witnesses Participation from Crypto, Private and Public Sectors

Russia is known for its prolific cryptocurrency community. In the midst of regulatory uncertainties, the community is actively involved in finding new applications of Bitcoin and its underlying blockchain technology in regular day to day applications. As a part of their continued effort, BitNovosti and jointly had recently organized the first Cryptoforum Russia event at the Moscow Center auditorium.

The event saw participation from some of the leading names from the cryptocurrency industry along with representatives from the banking, legal, media and public sectors. The Cryptoforum Russia 2016 which took place on November 8, 2016, had a total of 17 speakers in attendance who over a duration of 8 hours shared insights about various cryptocurrency related topics. The speakers at the event included Alexander Ivanov — the founder of Waves blockchain platform, Dmitry Starodubtsev from cyberFund, Ian Demartini from Coinjournal, Denis Smirnov from Lisk, Alexey Fedin from 51 ASIC and more.

While the above-mentioned speakers from the cryptocurrency community spoke about a range of topics including the advantages of raising funds through ICO and how the funds can/should be put to use; use of Ethereum blockchain based tools for data analysis and prediction of profitability of investments; importance of conducting a thorough research into the background of cryptocurrency currency companies and investment platforms before making any investments into them and more.

The Director of 51 ASIC covered the relevance of profitable mining and how they are working on setting up a new mining farm in Irkutsk after negotiating favorable electricity charges.

Other industry experts who made their presence felt at the Cryptoforum Russia invent include Constantine Goldstein — a tech evangelist for Microsoft, Kseniya Osipova — a senior consultant at Deloitte CIS and  Vitaly Vekhova — a cybercrime investigator and State Duma representative.

The eventful Cryptoforum Russia 2016 has sown the seeds for better collaboration between multiple industries and public sector. Once it takes off, the country can potentially make great progress in the cryptocurrency sector.

Ref: Bitnovosti | Image: Cryptoforum Russia