CryptoGraffiti: Permanently Preserve Images on the Blockchain

Bitcoin Watch Shop is a web service that allows people to encode hidden messages into Bitcoin’s blockchain using a special online interface. It has recently added a new and possibly revolutionary functionality — JPG image writing to the blockchain.

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How Does CryptoGraffiti Work?

A visitor can type their message into the text field, pay some bitcoin, and after 1-10 minutes see the message decoded from the blockchain and displayed on the CryptoGraffiti site, along with other messages from the anonymous Bitcoiners.

Untill June 17, 2016, users were only able to send text messages to the blockchain. But now it is possible to have JPG images written to the blockchain alongside text messages.

The images can be up to 50KB in size. And, once the process of publishing to the blockchain is complete, no one on the planet is able to censor, delete or rewrite the information entered by users — it is saved in the blocks forever.

Since it’s the first service in the Bitcoin ecosystem that implements automated image writing to the blockchain, reached out to CryptoGraffiti’s creator, Erich Erstu (nickname Hyena), to ask him a few questions about his vision of the task and its possible outcomes for

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