CryptoStandard SSI Bitcoin Storage Software Hides Wallets in Plain Sight

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If we are a cryptographer or an zealous reader of view fiction, afterwards we would know that information can be embedded into an picture and transmitted opposite a internet but lifting suspicions. But here, we are focusing on a confidence of Bitcoin wallets and effective ways of safeguarding a private keys and passwords.

One of a members on BitcoinTalk, Wisdom Oparaocha who goes by a shade name NyeFe has published a new open source confidence standard for securing Bitcoin cold wallets. The plan called SSI Bitcoin Storage described by a strange print (OP) is pronounced to use dual cryptographic techniques, AES 128-bit encryption and Steganography to secure a wallet information.

According to NyeFe, a doing of CryptoStandard SSI Bitcoin Storage Protocol involves a following steps,

Step 1 –  Creation of a Bitcoin wallet, where a wallet addresses are generated offline to forestall any leaks.

Step 2The wallets combined should be encrypted regulating AES 128-bits X2, 32-character crush encryption protocol.

Step 3The encrypted wallet is afterwards stored within a pixels of an picture in a form of RGB information regulating Steganographic methods.

By following a stairs one can emanate and store a secure Bitcoin wallet inside a unchanging image. The

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