Cryptsy 2.0 Includes Many Changes and Features, Pro Plan Announced

Cryptsy is one of the largest cryptocurrency platforms in existence to date.  Not only does this platform give users the chance to trade various types of virtual currencies intermittently, but Cryptsy also added support for fiat currency trading a while ago.  A new UI and set of features has been involved, and Cryptsy 2.0 is now available to users all over the world.

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Cryptsy Makes Lots of Changes and Adds New FeaturesDigitalMoneyTimes_Cryptsy Small Bitcoin

One of the main goals of any self-respecting virtual currency exchange is providing a customer-friendly platform, for both novice and advanced traders alike.  Cryptsy has always been fairly user-friendly since the beginning, but there are always improvements to be made.  A new and clean UI will go a long way in that regard.

Most of the changes taking place at Cryptsy are happening behind the scenes.  To make the platform more efficient, Cryptsy staff have come up with a way to speed up the audit process by as much as 30%.  This change will be of great benefit to users, as it will help them get things

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