Cryptsy alleges security breach and freezes trading and withdrawals

Troubling times and riled up masses are at cryptocurrency exchange, The angry customers are circling, and it only takes a moment to see why! As of 9 pm MST on 1/12/2016, according to JShock (Cryptsy Admin) all withdrawals have been frozen. This was followed up with a series of notices by NerdLifeLabs (Crptsy moderator) that all withdrawals are paused for security reasons, and possible theft of both hot and cold storage of cryptocurrencies. At approximately 9:05 pm MST JShock stated in the chat box:


Cryptsy hack
Cryptsy alleges security breach and freezes withdrawals and trading

Cryptsy alert

Following the announcement in the chat box, this notice has been posted recommending that all passwords, and 2FA are changed immediately. There has been notice that some users have been receiving an email and text (SMS) messages stating they should click on the link provided ( to change their user information, which has been deemed a fraud and an attempt to steal user data.

Cryptsy has been having its share of problems lately, and this ‘alleged’ attack is only the next of a series of unfortunate events. There has been problems with receiving withdrawals of most of the coins and when questions concerning the delays, the following email has been the standard response.

One thing is for certain, there is a lot of fear and frustration concerning the future of Cryptsy and the cryptocoins of thousands of their customers. The chat box is filled with fear, anger and uncertainty.

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