Cryptsy’s Bitcoin Withdrawal Troubles Continue

A reader wrote to CCN letting us know that he has had severe withdrawal problems with Cryptsy, the exchange which recently went offline, supposedly as a result of distributed denial of service attacks. The user said that the stalled withdrawal process began on November 29th, as confirmed in the screenshot below. He was trying to withdraw 0.2 bitcoins and nearly 240,000 reddcoins.


CCN is cautious about publishing these stories, in that we’re aware of a policy Cryptsy has in place that unverified user accounts can only withdraw a very small amount of currency per day. However, this user indicated that his account was verified, and as shown in the screenshot, he is ranked “Tier 2,” which qualifies him, according to the website, to withdraw up to $2000 per day.


The only way to get from Tier 2 to Tier 3, which has higher limits, is to trade at Tier 2 for

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