Customers Vote Huobi As The Largest Bitcoin Exchange in China

When it comes to Chinese Bitcoin exchanges, there are only a handful of names that spring to mind. BTC China, Huobi, OKCoin and BTER are major Bitcoin platforms in Asia, and they handle most of the daily Bitcoin trading volume. However, it seems like the hierarchy in China is shifting, as Huobi has apparently become the country’s largest Bitcoin exchange in recent times.

Chinese Customers Value Customer Experience Above Anything Else

If you have ever taken a closer look at Chinese habits and customs, you may have noticed they are quite different from the Western world. One of the best-known examples is how a Chinese person will offer you an item with both hands, rather than holding it in one. In doing so, they want to make it clear they have nothing to hide, and act in good faith and trust.

In the online world, it is rather hard to show your openness and willingness, as you are not dealing with real people directly. However, the Chinese Bitcoin exchanges have their way of creating customer experiences, in the hopes of appealing to as many people as possible. A bit of good-hearted competition, if you will.

And that is a very positive trend, especially when you take into consideration that roughly 80% of the daily Bitcoin trading volume originates from China. Granted, some of that volume may be between bots trading to each other, but if there is little to no price volatility, those trading bots are entering a nearly dormant sleep. In the event this happens, China remains the dominant force in terms of BTC trading volume regardless.

According to statistics provided to us by CBNWeekly, Chinese Bitcoin customers rate Huobi as the most user-friendly platform to use. And that trend has translated to the Bitcoin trading charts as well, where Huobi has overtaken BTC China. However, at the time of publication, OKCoin was the most popular exchange over the past 24 hours.

Offering All Kinds of ServicesHuobi Small

Overtaking the largest bitcoin exchange in China is no easy feat, yet Huobi have managed to do just that. Most of this success can be attributed to the vast array of different services offered by the company. Whether you are looking for Bitcoin mining solutions or want to remain up to date on everything Bitcoin on your mobile device, Huobi got you covered.

Keeping in mind that Huobi started their business in September of 2013, the company has come a very long way in just a few years. In recent months, Huobi had received a few customer complaints regarding the ease-of-use of their platforms, and their engineers acted promptly to work on that area. As a result, Huobi is now the most user-friendly Bitcoin platform in China – according to their customers that is.

Source: Want ChinaTimes

Images courtesy of Huobi Shutterstock