Cybercrime as a Service on the Darknet Has Europol Concerned

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Software as a Service (SaaS) has been around for a while until the Bitcoin revolution introduced Blockchain as a Service (BaaS).  Thanks to both, now we have Cybercrime as a Service. The emerging threat as got Europol concerned.

According to recent reports, the European law enforcement agency has expressed its concerns about the increasing availability of cybercrime services for hire on the darknet. These services, run by hackers can be easily hired by anyone to target anyone. All they have to do is make a payment for the requested amount in Bitcoin.

The recent arrests of two hackers responsible for running a similar service called vDOS in Israel has reminded Europol of the potential threats these services may pose to the security. Even though it hasn’t happened yet, Europol believes that militants and terrorists may make use of such services in the future to launch a coordinated attack on people and facilities across Europe.

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The concerns were voiced by the law enforcement agency in its latest annual cybercrime threat assessment report. This report comes at the time when the whole of Europe is at a heightened state of alertness following

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