Cybercrime Roundup: Photobucket, Sextortion, and Bitcoin

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Extortion Through Theft of Private Photobucket Images

On Nov 2, Brandon Bourret was sentenced to 29 months in sovereign jail and 3 years on supervised recover after pleading guilty to swindling to dedicate mechanism rascal and abuse, entrance device fraud, marker request fraud, and handle fraud. Bourret was a architect of PhotoFucket, a program focus that accessed password-protected and private print albums saved on a image-hosting website Photobucket. The albums were accessed in sequence to find “wins”—nude or intimately pithy images. Bourret promoted his program on, where he published some of a “wins.” Customers could squeeze a focus to trawl for “wins” themselves.

Photobucket sets remoteness during a manuscript level; a user can set it during public, private, or cue protected. However, even when heightened remoteness is selected, there is still a approach couple that can be used to entrance a photo. At first, PhotoFucket automated a guessing routine called “fuskering” to learn these links, rather than hacking into particular Photobucket accounts. To “fusker” is to theory problematic web addresses and their extensions, mostly formed on judicious extensions. For example, a residence competence lead to and


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