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I apologize for errors in this writing. It is the Silly Season, and I like all should be am quite drunk.

Bitcoin caused serious problems for me. The server could no longer move through the cloud. For the past month a hacker group has been hacking home directories. At first this was a mystery. It started happening after turning off memory sanitzation.

Bitcoin allocates heap, indexes some blocks, deallocates memory, and indexes some more. It also after having 11 instances would lag the server, because bitcoin is a huge thing now and it has to check confirmations for every new transaction. This means no bitcoin for weeks after a server move, and not enough CPU power with 8 Xeon cores just to handle a days volume.

I was experimenting with btrfs which since the blocks came from a reflink, they needed to reindex. Without btrfs no space, with memory sanitization no speed in making these attempts. No space, not enough room to get rich or die trying. So this had to happen, but I can’t do it with memory sanitiztation.

Without the memory sanitization the hacker could exploit the server in a similar way to heartbleed. They were stealing passwords from RAM. They even

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