Daily Links 9/15/15: Will Augur Corrupt Racing? Nine Major Banks Form …

Nine of the World’s Biggest Banks Join to Form Blockchain Partnership: CNBC

Could a Augur lead to corruption in racing?: Racing Post

Cryptome PGP Keys are compromised, reissued: Qntra

Scaling Bitcoin Day 2 Wrapup: CoinDesk

An old article about R3CEV, The Company Partnering With The Banks: CoinDesk

Original Photo by Dafne Cholet: Flickr


It is difficult to predict exactly what the bank partnership means in the big picture of things. I don’t think anyone, including the banks or R3CEV, will know for a year at least; it is just too early to say. What it does show, is that they are taking Bitcoin seriously. The Bitcoin community used to joke about the world’s elite bankers getting together in smokey backrooms, discussing the implications of blockchain technologies and what they can do to not fall behind, but that doesn’t seem far off from reality these days. I wonder if any of them wore monocles during the meetings that led to this partnership.

The CoinDesk piece on R3CEV isn’t “old” by normal standards, it is from July of this year. It is just old in Bitcoin terms. It does give a look into the company’s thinking. Another thing to keep in mind, DigiCash reportedly had partnerships with banks, but one of the things that held it back is that it wasn’t accepted by enough banks to be useful. Bitcoin gets around that problem by simply being itself, but it is heartening to see nine banks work on something together, so whatever they build, a large portion of the industry will be on board with the same standards, whatever they end up being.

I find the Augur article extremely interesting. It is nice to see a journalist from outside of the cryptocurrency and tech worlds have such a strong understanding of Bitcoin 2.0 tech,

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