DAO Attacker Says 3m Ether Loss is Legal

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With the Ethereum community and DAO Hub investors all shook up things are starting to look worse for them in regards to retrieving the loss back. It seems the “attacker” has written an open letter to both camps concerning his/her rightful ownership of the 3,641,694 Ether he/she has taken calling it a “reward.”

In an email which is PGP signed and titled “An Open Letter To the DAO and the Ethereum community” the claimed attacker believes he examined the code and believes the Ether drained is now legitimately in his/her possession. The attacker writes that people characterizing the event as “theft” are completely unjustified and it the smart contract itself has allowed this to happen. The attacker writes:

“I have made use of this feature and have rightfully claimed 3,641,694 ether, and would like to thank the DAO for this reward. It is my understanding that the DAO code contains this feature to promote decentralization and encourage the creation of “child DAOs”. I am disappointed by those who are characterizing the use of this intentional feature as “theft”. I am making use of this explicitly coded feature as per the smart contract terms and my law firm has advised

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