DAO Proposals Are Being Voted On

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The newly created DAO Hub project is a fascinating beast that became the largest crowdfund to date according to Wiki sources. What is interesting about decentralized autonomous organizations is that its focus business operations are controlled by a blockchain and a set of smart contracts. With the Ethereum version of the DAO, the main objective is to fund proposals that coincide with the Ether-ecosystem helping it flourish.

Currently, the token sale of the DAO Hub created for Ethereum and started by the Slock.it team is over, and trading has begun. Not only is the token available for trade via Kraken, Poloniex, and other exchanges, the DAO is also hearing proposals. Individual proposals are being voted on at the moment, and it’s interesting to see the content being displayed.

The first proposal is for a Moratorium on proposals so the DAO code and infrastructure can be mended. On May 28th, a group of researchers unveiled a set of seven weaknesses that could cause the decentralized organization and its investors many issues. In addition to the paper released by the three researchers and other post called “Using “Wait for Quiet” voting in The DAO” was

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