Dark Net Vendor Group “Italian Mafia Brussels” Busted

A total of six suspects were arrested in Belgium, mostly from the Bruges area, however, there were suspects arrested in Romania and in the United States.  The arrests were part of an international police operation where authorities busted the dark net vendor group called “Italian Mafia Brussels” who sold MDMA and Ecstasy tablets on dark web markets.

The drug dealing ring disguised their packages like they were from legitimate companies and sent the drugs to the United States. The investigation was launched in February 2014, after a certain number of companies received parcels that had been returned from the United States, which they have never sent. The first firm to report this problem to the authorities was from the East Flemish town of Sint-Niklaas. They reported an undeliverable package sent back from the United States, which they have never sent. The parcel contained 1kg of MDMA, which is enough to make 10,000 XTC pills.

Law enforcement authorities discovered that there are some companies in Bruges (West Flanders), Antwerp and Brussels who had the same issue with their packages. The gang used the names of firms that sold products that had a similar physical appearance to their drugs.

The Italian Mafia Brussels vendor group was present on several dark net marketplaces and sold their drugs mainly from Belgium, however, they have used other countries for shipping, such as France or Germany.

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