Dark Net Vendor XanaxKing Writes from Prison, Details How he Got Busted

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In 2014, we wrote about one of the largest deepweb Alprazolam vendors, XanaxKing, getting arrested and convicted of several drug-related charges.  A Reddit user, al_eberia, has been writing him throughout the past few weeks and has been able to get some updated information regarding his case. The letters that XanaxKing has been sending in reply to al_ebria have been posted on Reddit and they shed some light on the fed’s case against him and how he got arrested.

In the excerpts of his letters, please note that the typos are his own and in order to preserve the integrity of his letter – I won’t be correcting them. The emphasis is my own to help with skimming through the walls of text.

After getting access to his discovery, he found there were at least three informants in his case, but there was only that was essential. Sadly, the fed’s #1 informant was XanaxKing’s friend of 15 years. Some time before XanaxKing’s  arrest, his friend Mike Pettis was arrested in California. We assume he was pulled in on drug charges, but it isn’t made clear. In exchange for a lighter sentencing, Mike starting feeding information to the DEA about

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