Dark Pools for Bitcoin Liquidity Are A Big Deal

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darkpoolsIn the world of Bitcoin, liquidity across the various exchanges can be a problem at times. Particularly when larger investors and traders involved as they do not want to crash or boost the price through their actions. Jered Kenna has teamed up with TradeZero to create a solution for this problem, in the form of a Bitcoin dark pool exchange.

Larger investors and traders are always looking for new opportunities that can provide more liquidity. This is why dark pools are so vital to the ecosystem, as these platforms facilitate very large orders without impacting the market directly. However, there was no such exchange platform available, up until now.

The new partnership between TradeZero and Bitcoin pioneer Jered Kenna will see the world’s first Bitcoin dark pool being established. In doing so, they hope to reduce volatile market movements around the world. Right now, the Bitcoin price is primarily dictated by Chinese exchanges. A dark pool for Bitcoin would see a lot of trading taking place outside of the exchange order books, thus having little to no impact on the current Bitcoin value. Kenna told IBTimes UK,

“If a significant holder were to decide

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