Dark Web Security Firm Warning Islamic State Becoming Sophisticated

Flashpoint Intelligence, a security startup specializing in studying parts of the dark web, says Islamic State attackers are learning to do more to US websites than just vandalizing and DDoSing their home pages. The previous ISIS attacks on US domains were relatively unsophisticated, however, according to the security firm’s report, it may not stay that way forever.

Alex Kassirer, terrorism intelligence specialist told Politico:

“The capability’s not there and that’s why we’re seeing these low-level attacks of opportunity. But that’s not to say it’s going to be that way going forward. They’re undoubtedly working on cultivating those skills.”

Flashpoint Intelligence is based in New York, the company’s job is to analyze websites of the dark web. Since the November 13 Paris terror attacks, that resulted in 130 deaths, US politicians decided on a closer collaboration between the US government and private technology companies, such as Flashpoint.

A week after those attacks, US Rep. Peter King, a New York Republican who is also the chairman of the House Counterterrorism and Intelligence Subcommittee, stated that with a proper court order companies should provide a way around encryption.

Hillary Clinton, in a Democratic presidential debate earlier this month, called for a public-private partnership similar to the Manhattan Project that helped the USA in the development and the creation of the nuclear bomb in World War II. However, these kinds of workarounds could result in the terrorists exploiting the situation.

Such partnerships usually focus on large multinational tech companies, like Facebook or Apple, since they have access to more customer data than small firms. However, Flashpoint Intelligence and Terbium Labs (their Baltimore-based competitor) are great examples how these partnerships would work in another way.

Flashpoint was founded in 2010. In April 2015, the company raised $5 million from TechOperators, Greycroft Partners and from other investors to provide intelligence from dark net sites to clients in both the private and public sector, including large commercial firms and government agencies.

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A security researcher called , commented about the info provided by the security firm:

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