Dark Web Vendor Chemical Love Busted, More Than 50 Kg Of Drugs Seized

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In Rhineland-Palatinate five men were arrested by the local police, according to the law enforcement authorities, the five men were running the vendor shop, “Chemical Love”, on the dark web. In the basement of a gang member, police found 54kg amphetamines, 1.3 kg cocaine, 4 kg heroin and 25,000 ecstasy pills.


One of them is the former football player, Walter Kelsch (60), who played for the German national team in 1984 and for the soccer team in the national league VfB Stuttgart.


Chemical Love sold drugs both on the dark web and the clearnet (the “normal” part of the internet most people are using). According to the prosecutors, over 1500 sales were made by the five men worth around 1.3 million Euros. Police say that this bust was the largest in Germany regarding online drug vendors. The law enforcement authorities also added that 4 other people were arrested in the Netherlands and Bulgaria with the suspects’ computers seized.

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