Darkmarket fear: Hysterics or understandable concern?

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Fear, it seems, is the mission-creep now invading the darknet . It appears that dark markets, the narco-types, are fearful of taking the top slot. But why?

History tells them, and us, that if you put your head over the parapet you’ll find yourself the main target. When Agora went offline the other markets in 2nd 3rd etc. places, by default, were expected and by expectations should have taken up the slack. This scenario has not really happened.

The rational behind the other markets seem to be twofold: 1. No-one wants to be number one as that slot automatically makes them the top FBI target for a take-down (this being great for the Fed’s PR machine) and 2. The extra DDOS attacks and server pressure from taking up the slack of Agora immigrants is a hit they would rather not suffer from their bottom-line BTC profit. Thus the double-whammy of being a target and having to fork out more of their profits has the causation of what we are now seeing; markets such as Middle Earth going off citing security concerns and a, by all accounts, take-it-and-run policy by certain other top markets, though the latter may well be rumors but

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