Darknet Hacking Forum “Hell” Returns After Shutdown

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Hell, the infamous hacking forum on the dark side of the web, returns after it has been shut down for months. Hell was used by cybercriminals to share stolen data, hacking tips, techniques and other information with each other. The forum has been shut down after it was rumored that the admin (who is also the founder of the website), known by the pseudo name of “Ping”, had been arrested and the forum was full of undercover cops at the time.

Hell made the headlines when a hacker on the forum posted the personal information and the sexual preferences of around 4 million users of Adult Friend Finder. The data dump that has been posted on the hacking forum was only found a few months after the site had been hacked. This forced Adult Friend Finder to tell the media the fact that their website has been breached by hackers. A few weeks after the AFF hack, Hell admin, Ping, disappeared suggesting rumors that he has been arrested. He returned a few days later, however, the forum had been closed shortly after his return in mid-July. Currently, an old Hell admin, who goes by the username of “HA”, has

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