Darknet Markets: Frontier Of “Cognitive Liberty”

Your TOR usage is being watched

It’s a human right to be able to use psychedelic drugs. These are the words of a respected lawyer and a top lecturer at a top British University. The lawyer, known as Charlotte Walsh, has also recognized the work being done by darknet markets saying they are doing an excellent job to prevent governments from taking this right away from citizens.

Walsh said this when she addressed a gathering at a psychedelic drug forum dubbed: Horizons: Perspectives on Psychedelics. She singled out Silk Road, a famous Internet-based drugs market. She said Silk Road started an insurmountable movement around the idea that people should be allowed to consume what they can afford.

She said that the establishment of darknet markets could best be viewed as an example of unrestricted underground movements that are helping societies make progress. She added that these developments could also be seen spelling death to prohibition and control by governments.

Denial of Cognitive Liberty

A darknet market or cryptomarket[2] is a commercial website on the dark web, operating on top of darknets such as Tor or I2P.


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