Darkode Take Down: Louisiana Man Sentenced

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Wednesday U.S. Attorney Stephanie A. Finley said that a man from Opelousas was sentenced to 12 months and a day in prison for hacking computers for information to sell on Darkode; an online hacking forum. He was also sentenced for using a computer to steal money.


29 year old Rory Stephen Guirdy, or [email protected] was sentenced by Judge Dee D. Drell for one count of obtaining information by computer from a protected computer. According to court documents, in July 2014 when Guirdy lived in Texas he was part of an online attack of a server in Houston. After, he moved to his grandparents’ house in Louisiana when investigation into the attack started. His hacking career wasn’t cut short though. After his move, he was hacking personal computers from his grandparents’ home with malware and formed a botnet. He attempted to hack and use 5,000 computers to sell the botnet to another hacker on Darkode. He also joined forces with another hacker to form a plan to steal over $80,000 in bitcoin. Guirdy received half of the bounty gained, which he converted

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