‘Dash Across America Tour’ Hits Bitcoin Roadblock In Las Vegas

‘Dash Across America Tour’ Hits Bitcoin Roadblock In Las Vegas

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The Blush family’s “Dash Across America Tour” in its Bitcoin Bus was denied assistance from a Las Vegas bitcoin organizer in setting up a meetup in Las Vegas because of the tour’s support for Dash.

Catherine Bleish, an organizer of the tour, noted in a Steemit blog that the tour was not able to confirm a time and date for a Las Vegas meetup because of its support of Dash. She noted she was not able to post a notice on the Las Vegas Bitcoin Facebook page about an impromptu gathering.

Bleish nonetheless posted a notice in her blog about a meetup including a dash giveaway on Fremont Street in Las Vegas on August 20.

Bleish, John Bush, their two children, and their two dogs are touring the U.S. with the intention of educating and informing people they about cryptocurrencies and how to use them. They are educating people about bitcoin, Ethereum, and Dash, and about the value of peer-to-peer technologies and decentralized social organization in their Bitcoin Bus home.

Las Vegas Organizer Opposes Dash

Bleish noted a Las Vegas bitcoin organizer would not support the tour based on

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