Dash Added to Bitcoin ATMs in Latin America via TigoCTM

Buying Dash has just become a lot easier for Latin American cryptocurrency users whether they are unbanked, underbanked or just looking to protect their savings from government malfeasance. TigoCTM, a Panama-based Crypto Teller Machine company, has added Dash to the roster of currencies available on its network. It also plans to expand and deploy additional machines across Panama, Latin America and the world in the coming months.

CEO of TigoCTM Cindy Zimmerman commented: “We started this company in Panama because there was no way for anyone there to convert cash into cryptocurrency, and after the financial crisis in Venezuela took hold, the demand for an alternative way of accessing money quickly grew. For example, the bolivar has recently seen 100% year over year inflation; bitcoin has been more stable than some local fiat currencies. Over the past year in particular, cryptocurrencies like bitcoin and dash have increased in value faster than gold, silver, and many other traditional assets. Now with Dash added to our network, we will see an influx of an even larger customer base.”

Dash CTO Daniel Diaz added: “Dash uses nearly 4,000 ‘master node’ servers geographically distributed throughout the world to safely verify transactions. Dash is stable, safe, and private, and

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