Dash Creator Evan Duffield to Deliver Keynote at Bitcoin Wednesday

October 4, 2015 at 10:55 BST

Evan Duffield, creator and lead developer of the anonymous cryptocurrency Dash, will deliver a keynote at the Bitcoin Wednesday conference in Amsterdam on 7 October, 2015.

In contrast with Dash, Bitcoin is not anonymous, and was designed to be completely transparent and traceable. Additionally, while Bitcoin transactions are often not considered fully “confirmed” or “cleared” for up to an hour, Dash transactions are irreversible after only a few seconds. This feature makes Dash convenient for face-to-face purchases and transfers.

Evan Duffield, founder and lead developer of Dash said:

“We will be discussing all of our current technology in great detail, in addition we will be revealing some information about our next generation system and it’s highly advanced capabilities, code named Evolution.”

One of the many ways Dash stands out from Bitcoin is its newly released “decentralized governance” system that is designed to fund projects approved by holders of the currency. This feature allows for such projects to be funded directly from the Blockchain without requiring trusted third-parties and in doing so sets out to resolve one of the most intractable issues faced by Bitcoin. Like Bitcoin, Dash is fully open source, but unlike Bitcoin, Dash’s development team is fully decentralized, making it one of the world’s first truly Decentralized Autonomous Organizations.

Richard Kohl, organizer of the Bitcoin Wednesday conference said:

“The fact that the Dash team has decided to come forward in this way represents a unique opportunity to learn more about the extraordinary amount of innovation we’re seeing in this dynamic and vibrant digital currency sector. “The concept of decentralized autonomous organizations funded by anonymous cryptocurrencies is something that still sounds like science fiction in 2015, but since we have teams around the world who are actually making it happen, it’s time to start talking about what the technology can actually do and what its impact will be on society. Dash is one of these teams and they will be here at Bitcoin Wednesday on October 7th.”

Joining Evan at Bitcoin Wednesday will be core team members from around the world: Daniel Diaz, Balázs Király, and Robert Wiecko, who will also give talks about Dash. This gathering of four members of the Dash team for this one event is designed to raise awareness about what makes Dash unique.

The appearance of Dash’s team at the Bitcoin Wednesday conference draws attention to the high degree of innovation currently taking place in the digital currency sector, especially among many of Bitcoin’s smaller competitors.

Dash is currently the 6th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap (at approximately $14 Million) out of a field of more than 500.  It currently trades at 1/100 the price of Bitcoin.  While its market cap is just a fraction of Bitcoin’s, in the short time since its launch two year ago it has attained more than 60% as many active nodes on its network as Bitcoin.

Bitcoin Wednesday (BitcoinWednesday.com) is the largest monthly conference on the digital currency revolution in The Netherlands with more than a 1,000 members. The Amsterdam event now in it’s third year aims to be a progressive platform for digital currency innovation in all of its forms as well as a launching pad for new ideas in the sector. The conference also promotes the city of Amsterdam as an international center for digital currency innovation. It works closely with both the Dutch Bitcoin User’s Group of the Netherlands and the Dutch Bitcoin Foundation, and organizes conferences and debates on the most relevant topics for this important new technology.

Also speaking at the October 7th event is Daniel Hassan of the Helsinki-based activist hedge fund Robin Hood who will talk about his experience with peer-to-peer finance and re-designing financial instruments with the Blockchain.

The Bitcoin Wednesday conference on 7 October is free, but spaces are limited and advance registration is required.


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