Dash, the anonymous evolution of Bitcoin

The introduction of Bitcoin sparked a revolution of finance and economics. Bitcoin set money’s value free from government constraint, value can now be determined solely by the market.

Instead of depending on centralized third parties for every financial transaction, people can exchange value around the world cheaply, and in a completely decentralized manner. Bitcoin ushered in the age of truly digital cash.

But Bitcoin isn’t the whole story. By creating an open-source money, Satoshi Nakomoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, unlocked vast vistas for others to explore. Many developers have taken up the challenge over the years, building upon the foundation that is Bitcoin to solve many real-world problems. One such person is Evan Duffield.

With a background in both software development and finance, Duffield was captivated by Bitcoin from its earliest days. Most particularly, he was intrigued by the idea of digital cash: a technology that could replicate the features of physical cash but without the drawbacks inherent in conventional currency.

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