Dash to Implement Decentralized Governance System

dashdashReaders may be aware that Dash, formerly Darkcoin, has a system of what they refer to as “Masternodes,” which are full nodes that receive part of the mining reward in return for confirming transactions far quicker than certain other cryptocurrencies.

Unlike full nodes in Bitcoin, a Dash masternode requires a collateral investment of 1000 Dash, or over $2,000 USD at current rates. Recently, the Dash community raised the question as to whether this network of nodes could be utilized for other purposes. Specifically, whether or not it would be useful to utilize the network of full nodes to vote on core development decisions. The savvy reader might guess where such a system might come in handy for other cryptocurrencies, that is, the block size debate, still raging with a potentially harmful fork in sight.

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From the Dash press

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