DDoS Attacks Target BitGo and Other Bitcoin Wallet Services

BitGo, the world’s most secure Bitcoin wallet solution in existence today, is facing a strong DDoS attack. The team is working on resolving the issue, but all of the services making use of the BitGo platform will be affected by delays and errors.

Distributed denial of service attacks are not that uncommon in the world of Bitcoin. Or to be more precise, they often seem to target Bitcoin companies, rather than the network itself. Attacking Bitcoin at the network level would require immense computation power, making such an attempt incredibly expensive without guarantee for success.

BitGo DDoS Causes A Ripple Effect

BitGo customers may experience some issues when making wallet transactions right now, as the company is dealing with a DDoS attack. Not too many details are known right now, but Wirex – a Bitcoin debit card company using BitGo – has told its users to hold off on any transaction until these issues have been resolved.

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