DEA Moves Synthetic Opiates into Schedule 1 Controlled Substances List

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The DEA has recently added the synthetic opiate U-47700 to the Schedule 1 controlled substances list. With the majority of these new synthetic killers coming from overseas labs, the DEA sees this move as a way of combating the growing opiate abuse problem all parts of America have been facing. U-47700 is responsible for over 46 confirmed deaths this year alone; so, it’s no wonder why the DEA is trying all of its options to help win the fight against these synthetic opiates.

The new scheduling went into effect November 14th of this year and will last for a period of 24 months, with a 12-month extension being granted if the DEA deems it necessary. The DEA believes this schedule change is one of its major tools in progressively helping stop the drug from killing more people.

The DEA states that most users are taking U-47700 unknowingly, purchasing it from dealers who are marketing it as heroin, or cutting their actual product with it. It has also been found in a lot of counterfeit pharmaceutical medications, as it can be pressed into pill form to resemble any number of opiate prescription medications. U-47700 is responsible for 31 deaths in New York,

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