Dealers Selling Drugs On The “Amazon Of India”

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Purchasing drugs on the darknet? Why do that when you can purchase from “IndiaMart”?

On IndiaMart, you will find vendors selling everything from illegal drugs to old movies.

One would think that a market like IndiaMart wouldn’t be successful but they’re worth $146 million.

IndiaMart, currently employing 2600 people, is one of India’s largest online marketplace.

Not counting the legitimate sellers, IndiaMart is filled to the brim with drug dealers and scammers.

Likewise to the darknet, these vendors don’t care about legal repercussions.

On IndiaMart, you will find a designated policy against contraband, yet the vendors are still active.

One vendor, “Daiichi”, made the statement “We don’t really have police trouble from this. …”

According to a report by GlobalPost, “If someone will buy it, someone is likely selling it on IndiaMart, the second-largest online wholesale marketplace on the planet in terms of the sheer number of products for sale.”

The report compares IndiaMart to Alibaba who has a “cleaner” image.

“Alibaba, its main competitor, appears almost entirely free of offers for illegal drugs. So do eBay and Amazon. Meanwhile, IndiaMart, despite a stated policy against posting illegal goods, hosts hundreds of vendors promising bulk shipments of controlled substances.”

Sumit Bedi, Vice President of Marketing for

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