DEAR ABBY – A Review of (REAL) Darknet Antics


Recently, it seems that the darknet and it’s users has gotten pretty lax. Vendors are being arrested left and right. Customers are having packages seized and their houses raided. It is human nature to become comfortable. In this world, you cannot become comfortable. Below are a few, real encounters from various forums around the darknet. All of these arrests have one thing in common: poor opsec. As you read the stories below, you will see poor opsec in play and the consequences that come of it:


Dear Abby,

I run a forum on the darknet. Recently, I have come under a denial of service attack after attacking a much stronger forum. I do not have best reputation on the darknet and have been affiliated with DrClu and his mischief. I’ve already had my C: wiped and had to take my computer to a repair shop. What do I do to stop the attack on my forums?


Excommunicated from Onion Land

Dear Excommunicated,

This is why we don’t give AKs to monkeys. I’m willing to bet that the forum you were attacking was only using a 302 redirect to point your attack back at you. More importantly, brush up on your opsec and embrace the darknet for what it is. If you have a bad reputation, leave, regroup, and come back under a new name. Finally, stop associating yourself with bad people.



Dear Abby,

I am a frequent user of darknet markets. I typically purchase small items such as fish, import mayonaisse, and small amounts of marijuana. Recently, a pack didn’t land and I contacted the vendor. The vendor refused any type of refund and said an old pseudonym I used with my drop. I alerted the community that BCBUDKING is saving addresses and his response was he uses the best encryption and most secure drives. In retaliation, he also posted my full dox and sent them out to others. Dream isn’t doing anything about the situation. Is there anything that I can do personally?


Scared of the DARKnet

Dear Scared,

Again, like Excommunicated, you should probably embrace the darknet’s privacy and burn your current pseudonym.  The darknet is not a place for reputation and ego. In the future, do a better job managing your pseudonym and drop connections. Don’t let them be correlated with one another. I’m assuming (and hoping) your drop was not associated with your real name. Regarding the market’s response, there is not a whole lot you can do besides contact support and hope they respond. Overall, you did the right thing alerting the community. Vendors should NOT be saving addresses. Period.



Dear Abby,

I joined the darknet years ago around the times of Silk Road. I have since made many friends and built many relationships. A friend of mine and I decided to share a bitcoin wallet. Recently, I noticed approximately 0.1BTC missing from my wallet. The monies are gone and he won’t pay me back. Will I ever see my money again?


Missing Coin Bits

Dear Missing,

I don’t even know what to say. Why would you share your money with an anonymous person on the Internet. I like to follow a general rule. Assume everybody is a fed and don’t trust anybody. Sorry, your coin is gone. Consider it a cheap lesson learned.


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