DEAR ABBY – A Review of (REAL) Darknet Antics

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Recently, it seems that the darknet and it’s users has gotten pretty lax. Vendors are being arrested left and right. Customers are having packages seized and their houses raided. It is human nature to become comfortable. In this world, you cannot become comfortable. Below are a few, real encounters from various forums around the darknet. All of these arrests have one thing in common: poor opsec. As you read the stories below, you will see poor opsec in play and the consequences that come of it:


Dear Abby,

I run a forum on the darknet. Recently, I have come under a denial of service attack after attacking a much stronger forum. I do not have best reputation on the darknet and have been affiliated with DrClu and his mischief. I’ve already had my C: wiped and had to take my computer to a repair shop. What do I do to stop the attack on my forums?


Excommunicated from Onion Land

Dear Excommunicated,

This is why we don’t give AKs to monkeys. I’m willing to bet that the forum you were attacking was only using a 302 redirect to point your attack back at you. More importantly, brush up on your opsec and

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