Decentralised Gambling Game vDice Announces Crowdsale

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NewsBTC recently got the opportunity to interview Jason Colby, the lead developer of vDice, the world’s first fully decentralised gambling game. As we dwelled into the conversation, Colby introduced us with many aspects of their new platform. Here are some excerpts from our conversation:

NewsBTC: What motivated the launch of vDice?

Colby: We wanted to launch the world’s 1st fully decentralised gambling game. We’ve done that. vDice is live. It’s processed almost 10,000 bets.

Also, we like showing the power of Ethereum Smart Contracts.

We love Ethereum. I was on the original Ethereum team. I always believed Smart Contracts will change the world.

How vDice works?

It is a fully decentralized gambling game. It is completely decentralized.

It’s only possible because of Ethereum and the Blockchain. There are no servers.

You send a bet to the Smart Contract. The Smart Contract processes the bet. The Smart Contract sends back your win, automatically.

Nobody touches your money. You don’t have to trust anybody with your money. It’s just you and the Smart Contract. We believe this is the future of gambling.

Tell us more about the crowdfunding round?

The crowdfunding (ICO) starts on November 15th. We have received tremendous interest. We sponsored Devcon2 this year, in China. We were blown away by the support for

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