Decentralized Application Network Corona Promotes Bitcoin 2.0 Technologies And Provides Funding For Developers Worldwide

Corona Logo

Bitcoin Press Release: A newly launched village network for developers of decentralized applications (Dapps), Corona encourages breakthroughs regulating blockchain technology, charity appropriation and resources for entrepreneurs worldwide.

Corona is a tellurian heart for Dapp developers and entrepreneurs in hunt of educational resources and financial support. Corona believes that “positive and discernible change in a world” is probable as Dapps proliferate opposite a web. By formulating a village driven network Corona hopes to inspire a origination of socially and economically disruptive applications.

Corona strives to allege slicing corner open-source program and decentralized business models by providing a collaborative sourroundings and appropriation possibilities for Dapp projects. Developers and entrepreneurs who wish to build a subsequent era of internet applications can request for appropriation on a Corona website

Corona is a crypto-technology neutral classification that supports a farrago of decentralized growth platforms and technologies such as those offering by Ethereum, Maidsafe, Codius, and Eris among others. Corona also supports other decentralization and intelligent agreement technologies such as Bitcoin, Counterparty, Sidechains, Bitshares and NXT. All of

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