Decentralized Dance Party Invades Europe with Blockchain Tech

The Decentralized Dance Party is exactly what it sounds like, and arguably the first decentralized autonomous organization. It formed during Bitcoin’s infancy, and it quickly gained mainstream media attention. Although it began as a separate movement, the DDP became involved with Bitcoin in 2011, and will be using it to help fundraise for their upcoming European tour and new blockchain applications.

The Party

It begins at a central location, where the party-goers gather. Boomboxes are handed out, all of them tuned to the same FM radio channel. A team of banana men direction the crowd, and an elite team of DJs lead the way armed with a radio transmitter.

Their path is carefully planned, and the crowd accumulates more dancers along the way. The DJs inform the authorities ahead of time, and seldom encounter problems. These massive celebrations can number in the thousands or even the tens of thousands, and can occur spontaneously anywhere in the world.

Their next destination is Europe, a surprise trip initiated by a request to star in a documentary as themselves. They were required to debark in London, but decided to extend their trip for 16 day through Paris, Berlin, Venice and Athens.

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