Decentralized Dance Party Taps Bitcoin, Social Media, and Crowdfunding to Restore The Soul and Bring Peace

You’ve heard of open source networks. Now get ready for “Open Source Partying,” courtesy of Tom and Gary’s Decentralized Dance Party.

Partying is nothing new, but the power of social media, crowdfunding, and cryptocurrency are making it happen in a new way. And the cryptocurrency evangelist Drew Glover, AKA Tom, happens to run BitNational, Canada’s largest bitcoin ATM network.

This week, they have expanded beyond their foundation in North America and are on their way to fulfilling a European tour starting Sept. 17, 2015, in London, England.

Crowdfunding Will Launch Europe Tour

DDP image 1After receiving nearly 75 percent of their crowdfunding for the tour via bitcoin and Dogecoin on, a crypto-specific crowdfunding site, DDP has Party Safari 2015 crowdfunding well within their sights.

All previous tours were funded on Kickstarter. “The European tour is our first tour using, as we obviously love cryptocurrency, and we thank the lovely folks at for being so accommodating to fundraisers around the world for this,” Glover told CCN.

According to at the time of writing, the DDP European tour has received 55 percent of its necessary funding

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