‘Decentralized Uber’ App Delivers 1,000 Meals in Austin, Texas

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Unsung.org and Austin-based Arcade City are making a difference feeding people in need within the Texas capital. So far the two teams have delivered 1,000 meals throughout the city as the ambitious project continues hacking away at hunger. 

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1,000 Meals Delivered in Austin

13672533_1729747333956274_460933546_nUnsung.org is an application that feeds the hungry by delivering unwanted food from local caterers and restaurants. The application gamifies the solution by adding Bitcoin to the equation as well as users can be rewarded by the Unsung community for good deeds. Back in June, Bitcoin.com reported on the anti-hunger application Unsung.org teaming up with the Arcade City platform in Austin to experiment with the Unsung app.

Recently, Unsung.org with the help from the radio broadcast The Crypto Show teamed up with the Arcade City community. The “Decentralized Uber” platform is a ride sharing service that partnered with Unsung.org’s Jason King, and Arcade City drivers are helping deliver meals across the city of Austin.

King’s first project Sean’s Outpost has fed over 167 thousand meals over the course of Satoshi Forest’s existence. Now the platform being used in Austin has provided 1,000 meals so far to the hungry. King explains via social media:

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