Declare Your Allegiance to Bitcoin at Work with Cyberoptix

With bitcoin gaining prominence as an alternative currency, it stands widely recognized across the world. The digital currency introduced in 2009 is instrumental in bringing change to the fintech sector. Blockchain, the distributed open ledger technology powering bitcoin transactions across the network is now being used for developing applications that caters to various industries. Bitcoin is also known for being the most preferred currency of the criminals. They prefer to use bitcoin over fiat currency as it offers a certain degree of anonymity, the same reason why bitcoin is being widely used on the deep web to buy drugs and contraband.

The popularity and notoriety associated with bitcoin makes it eligible to become a fashion statement. We have already seen casual wear with bitcoin imprints being sold on various online sites. Bitcoin in fashion has so far been limited only to casual wear, but not anymore as Cyberoptix Tie Labs has come up with their Bitcoin fashion range of ties. While these crypto-range of ties have been around since last month, after the vendor announced its introduction in a blog post aptly titled “What would Satoshi Nakamoto Wear?”, the bitcoin payment option was introduced a couple of

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