Decriminalizing Drugs In Ireland Will Change The Lives Of Drug Dealers And Addicts

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Drug use in Ireland is illegal, currently, if someone is caught using any kinds of illegal substances will be taken to police custody by the local law enforcement authorities (the Gardaí). Addicts will go through the treatment process of the criminal justice system, which has only a small chance that it will be successful. In addition to that, the current drug policy in Ireland could damage the life of the addicts and could also waste the manpower of the Gardaí, since they could be focusing on the tracking down of more important criminals and crimes instead of chasing simple drug users.

An expert of the case made a statement about the current drug policy of the country:

”When Gardaí arrests somebody taking heroin down a laneway there is no beneficiary. The addict is thrown into the criminal justice system which doesn’t benefit them, garda time is spent arresting this person and taxpayer money ends up being spent. The idea of decriminalisation makes mountains of sense.”

The publication of a landmark Oireachtas (the legislature of Ireland) report, which was conducted last week by the justice committee, “strongly recommended” the decriminalization of cannabis, cocaine and heroin for personal use. The report has been

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