DeepDotWeb reveals darknet markets for drugs, unlawful activity

Hidden on a Internet are dozens of darknet markets — e-commerce sites where people buy and sell drugs, guns and worse.

They are a murky-but-growing economy that’s tough to monitor, and formidable for all though a keenest observers to even discover. chronicles these exchanges, highlighting markets as they arise and fall, stating scams and interviewing a people who work such sites. It even maintains a detailed list of active sites with user reviews roughly like Yelp.

Though a site covers one of a Internet’s many unlawful corners, DeepDot, as he’s requested to be called, describes himself as something of a family man.

He pronounced he works in Internet selling and has children — reasons he concluded to be interviewed on a condition of anonymity. (The Chronicle reliable his temperament by verifying a sealed summary with a digital signature published by a owners of a site).

DeepDot pronounced he determined a site about dual years ago, shortly after he listened about

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