Deepweb Firearms Sale Lead to Arrests in Germany

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Today, the 5th of July, Stuttgart prosecutors have filed charges against three men in Germany for violating weapons and weapon export laws. The accused have allegedly been illegally making and selling a small number of firearms on various darknet markets. We aren’t aware of many of the details surrounding the case but a single accusation was noteworthy; one of the men is accused of buying non-operational, dummy weapons and converting them into their fully functioning counterparts.

In as early as September, the men agreed to sell both AK-47s and Zastava M70s, both of which are explicitly prohibited under Germany’s strict firearm laws. And, while the laws regarding gun ownership and possession in Germany are constantly under scrutiny for being too restrictive, there is unlikely to be a country where these actions would ever be permitted. (Read more about Germany’s gun laws here.)

Most of the information regarding the sale of these rifles is yet to be made public, but the prosecutors in the case mention a main suspect acquired four rifles and went on to list and sell them on an undisclosed darknet market. The weapons were then shipped withh Paris as the destination, however the address

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