Deloitte Becomes Gold Sponsor of Ether Camp Hackathon

Deloitte, one of the “Big Four” accounting firms, joins RWE Innogy and WanXiang Blockchain Labs in becoming the third sponsor of the Ether Camp hackathon and virtual accelerator.

Alex Shelkovnikov, Deloitte Ventures Blockchain Lead from Deloitte, who is also a judge on the hackathon, said “We are really pleased to be sponsoring the Ether.Camp online Hackathon. We are looking forward to seeing a lot of great ideas being worked on, and hope that some of these are going to become great start-ups in the future.”

The hackathon listed more than 1,000 registered hackers prior to its launch last week, with 53 active teams and 350 participating developers. Among the more popular projects by votes are Prezzo, a location based advertising platform that attempts to prevent spam by paying users to see adverts. Etherics further develops FlightDelay by allowing customers to share risks, represented by tokens, with investors, “with incentives aligned and balanced by self-adjusting smart contracts” according to the project’s presentation.

An interesting project is Solidifier which is concerned with raising the quality

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