Demo Day Recap: 5 Boost VC Bitcoin Startups on the Rise

Boost VC, Adam Draper

Featuring 25 startups, 22 of which are focused on bitcoin or its open ledger, the blockchain, Boost VC’s Tribe 5 Demo Day showcased a flurry of early-stage companies, all bidding for coveted investor interest.

As stated by event emcee and Boost VC CEO Adam Draper, this particular demo day promised more bitcoin startups on one stage “than there have ever been in history”, meaning the task of standing out, and making progress on funding goals, was no small feat for those involved.

Packed into three-minute bursts, many pitches sought to illustrate user growth and the utility of the given product in larger, more well-known markets. Often the emphasis was on how such products might be beneficial for consumers beyond those in the bitcoin community on the basis that the technology could help lower costs or improve existing services.

Specific mentions of bitcoin were often secondary to the startups, a change from past events where infrastructure companies were more numerous.

For example, among the most frequent subjects of attack was the remittance industry, with six startups targeting this market – BitQuick, Bitrefill, BlinkTrade, BTCPoint, Celery and Zapgo.

Companies like CleverCoin, Coinage and CoinJar, by contrast, were among

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