Dennis Gartman Calls Bitcoin the ‘Millennial Answer to Gold’

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Market influencers are found all over the world, and Dennis Gartman does not shy away from making his voice be heard. In one of his latest statements, he tried to understand what was going on in the Bitcoin world, yet failed miserably.

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Financial experts always seem at odds with one another, as everyone has their opinion on how markets are evolving. CNBC’s Dennis Gartman always has an opinion ready, and he attacked Bill Ackman in a recent outing. But that is far from the most interesting part, as he also tried to show his knowledge on the Bitcoin topic.

Gartman ‘Never Shall Truly Understand’ Bitcoin

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Unfortunately, that turned out to be a far from stellar success, as Gartman still has some studying to do. The recent Bitcoin price action has piqued the interest of this financial pundit, and he decided to try and explain where this rise is coming from.

He started off by saying:

Regarding Bitcoin […] which we rarely write about and which we truly do not and likely never shall truly understand […] it

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