Despite Early Disappointments, Vogogo Embraces Cryptocurrency Businesses and Finds Success /  Luke Parker / 3 September 2015

Founded in early 2008, Vogogo originally derived its business from companies in the online poker industry, developing its risk mitigation and payment processing expertise. Some of the biggest names in the online gaming industry were amongst the company’s first customers. “Vogogo has spent recent years developing and launching risk management and payment processing technologies that enable secure and compliant transaction processing between businesses and their customers, utilizing conventional banking and payment networks.”

The company is a publicly traded risk management and electronic payment processor headquartered in Calgary, Canada. TheirSHARES TRADE on the Canadian TSX Venture Exchange (TSXV) under the trading symbol “VGO,” and despite getting started completely outside of the cryptocurrency world, the company has recently revealed plans to focus on expansion into the cryptocurrency market.

– Vogogo

The startup wears a few different hats in the payment technology space, including AML/KYC compliance reporting, payment processing, fraud mitigation, and API integration. In a nutshell, they are a one-stop shop for business payments, risk management, and regulatory compliance.