Detecting Mobile Security Flaws in Time Can Save a Fortune

blockchain technology, powering the bitcoin network is known for providing a fast, secure and inexpensive way to transfer bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Originally built as a ledger for all bitcoin transactions, it is now being used for other non-transactional applications as well. The number of people using bitcoin and bitcoin based services have increased drastically over the years and most users access these services on their mobile phones.

The increasing usage of mobile phones for availing bitcoin and bitcoin based services should not come as a surprise as mobile devices are becoming the primary device for communications and accessing internet in the recent years. Business have recognized this change in trend and have started to offer their products and services in mobile compatible form.

Even though the adoption of smartphones have skyrocketed, the mobile operating systems still have a long way to go before it can be free from security flaws. These security flaws can compromise the bitcoin wallet or other banking applications by allowing hackers to access private key and funds if not detected and proper remedial measures are taken on time. There are various tools that are available out there which can recognize these security flaws or detect

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