Deutsche Bank Research: Bitcoin Isn’t Eliminating Intermediaries

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A new Deutsche Bank Research news suggests a bitcoin network is in some ways unwell to live adult to a strange vision.

Released on 9th December, a Deutsche Bank paper records that a bitcoin ecosystem now includes “a series of financial intermediaries” notwithstanding a fact that it was combined to be a decentralized peer-to-peer (P2P) money complement but such entities.

Intermediaries, according to a report, embody bitcoin exchanges and hosted wallets, that author Heike Mai indicated have rarely centralized liquidity within a choice financial system.

Mai writes:

“The strange thought of bitcoin – to emanate a peer-to-peer intrigue that is eccentric of intermediaries and executive agents – is to some grade being overhauled by genuine life. The bitcoin ecosystem now includes a series of financial intermediaries, like wallet providers and exchanges, and these uncover a trend towards concentration.”

Overall, a news seeks to inspect a purpose of cryptocurrencies and distributed ledgers in a broader change toward real-time payments, with Mai saying that a rising record offers a “novel” pattern offer for such a system.

“Although still in a infancy, blockchain record competence change a financial attention that is characterised by tiered, centralised networks in many markets,” a news reads.


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