Developers to create blockchain based “Alexandria” library

Historians have estimated that human civilization was set back by as much as a thousand years when the Library of Alexandria was burned done. The Library was a massive storehouse of the knowledge and cultures of the ancient world, and had emerged as a gathering place for scholars and intellects from across the Mediterranean and beyond. No one is sure of how, why, or even when the library burned down, and in fact, scholars speculate that the library was burned down several times.

Now, a development team is looking to prevent any future “Library of Alexandria events” by building an online, peer-to-peer repository of knowledge. Experts are pointing to a rapid decline in paper books as part of a growing trend away from paper and towards ebooks. While ebooks can be highly convenient, they might leave human knowledge vulnerable to network outages, computer viruses, government censorship, and other risks.

The new Alexandria is looking to make itself fireproof, an indestructible repository of human knowledge and civilization that that will be able to survive any disaster. By creating such a vault of knowledge, the program’s developers hope to help humanity avoid another “Alexandria event”, referring to the massive loss of knowledge when the Library of Alexandria burned. And the developers behind Alexandria are looking to accomplish this by using some bitcoin-based technology, specifically the blockchain.

If you’re unfamiliar with bitcoin’s blockchain, we’ll go ahead and give you a brief overview. Bitcoin works by harnessing the power of the community in order to create a massive public ledger, called the blockchain. This blockchain contains all of the information regarding every single bitcoin transaction ever made.

Instead of running high-powered servers and processing stations to track all of these transactions, bitcoin has the community “mine”, or build the

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