Developing bitcoin mobile apps: prioritize security

Mobile developers have created countless bitcoin apps, from bitcoin wallets to payment, investing, and even bitcoin mining. So what makes the development process for a bitcoin app different from, say, a chat app? The most important difference is security, and the second key factor is development time.

Security is Paramount

“I think it’s really important to note the distinguishing feature of bitcoin apps: Security is the absolute top priority,” says Jason Dreyzehner, who leads the design team at BitPay.

Bitpay’s Bitcoin Checkout app allows retail and mobile businesses to accept bitcoin payments directly from a mobile device. The app, available for both iOS and Android, supports 40 languages and includes multi-employee checkout, customized tipping, and tip reporting for retailers. Customers with bitcoin wallet apps can make QR code payments transfer payments from their device via NFC (near-field communication) technology.

Because bitcoin is digital cash, it’s useful in the world of international finance and reduces counterparty risk. It’s also dangerous for careless developers, since a software glitch could be disastrous.


“Bugs and security vulnerabilities are the biggest existential threat to any bitcoin app, both in terms

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