Did Ethereum’s Fork Validate Bitcoin Block Size Conservatism?

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Could a growth on a ethereum blockchain assistance solve one of bitcoin’s longest-running debates?

It might not seem like an apparent question given a differences between a dual blockchain networks. After all, bitcoin aims to yield an uncensorable digital currency, while ethereum seeks to offer as a height for decentralized applications.

However, given that a preference done final month has effectively separate ethereum into dual competing blockchains, some academics and analysts are wondering only that.

More than a month after a fall of The DAO, dual ethereum blockchains operate, a growth that has resulted in a pell-mell transaction sourroundings and criticisms that dawdle to this day as to either a pierce that led to this outcome was a “right choice” in response to a hurdles faced.

It’s in this context of decentralized governance that a ethereum tough fork is now assisting to inform the retard distance discuss in a bitcoin community. That debate, that began in 2015, has divided bitcoin users on how best to scale a network to accommodate some-more users for months.

To some, a Bitcoin Core growth group was seen as too conservative, too disturbed about a technical failures of a tough flare to take actions that could

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